Resistance Or Acceptance?

(NOTE: I think resistance and acceptance both have their place in everyday life.) Recently, I was talking with a friend and he brought up the idea of resistance. A lot of issues can arise when we resist things that we should actually learn to accept. For example, when you are told to resist something, you want to do that thing that much more. If you are told to resist the temptation of touching the big red button you are going to have an immense urge to touch the big red button.

The same thing applies for least for me. The more I am told to resist certain thoughts, the more I think those thoughts. The more I am told to stop thinking negative thoughts, the more negative thoughts I begin to have. The more I am told that my anxiety is an issue or problem and it must be eliminated, the more I struggle living with it. What I have been working on recently is learning to accept my anxiety as part of who I am.

My anxiety helps define me. I am not afraid to admit that I struggle with anxiety. I think we all struggle with anxiety in various degrees of intensity. It is an amazing thing that we are flawed beings. Our flaws make us who we are and that is a beautiful thing. We should not be afraid of our flaws. I even dislike using the term "flaws" because it has such a negative connotation.

I will do my best to succinctly make my point. We are all going to die one day. How will people remember you? Most likely, people will remember you for your quirks. People will remember you by what made you different. My anxiety gives me quirks which I will expand on in another post. I smell my clothes repeatedly for chemicals. I wash my hands excessively throughout the day. I make it a point to wash my hands before I touch my computer. I constantly worry about breathing in or touching something that I cannot see but is harmful to me. I am trying to learn to love these things about myself rather than trying to change who I am. I want to be who I am and I want to own that.

A Question to Consider: Do we resist other people rather than accepting them? Do we try to change people to be more like us rather than accepting them for who they are? Do we wish someone was nicer so we could love them easier? Do we try to change or suppress things about people that we do not particularly like instead of trying to accept that maybe those things are the attributes which make that person unique?

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