The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly

I think it is safe to say that most of us have tendencies that we wish we did not have. We may think that our quirks or tendencies make us weak or inferior but I invite you to look at them a different way. I invite you to look at your quirks as characteristics that differentiate you from other people. I have a lot of tendencies that stem from my OCD and anxiety. As I kick off 2020, I would like to share my quirks with you in an effort to stop viewing them as obstacles but rather as characteristics of my unique personality.

Here are some of my quirks/tendencies:

  • I cover my keyboard in the plastic wrapping it came in every time I step away from it so that it does not get dust on it

  • I leave my drawers slightly open after I put them away so that they can air out from the dryer

  • I wash my hands before I touch my computer, mouse, or gaming controller

  • I like to shower before I put any headset on

  • I clean my phone case at least a couple times a week and wipe my phone down almost every night

  • I can’t do anything without bouncing my leg

  • I have to change into clean clothes before I sit down into the chair at my desk

  • I wash my clothes even if I only wore them for a few hours

  • I try not to breathe in the fumes when I pump gas, sometimes I will try to move as far away as I can

  • I don’t like to stand near the microwave and I wait a little bit until I take anything out of the microwave

  • I unplug my gaming console before bed even though it is turned off because I fear there is some type of radiation coming from it

  • I never sleep with my phone near me

  • I turn my bluetooth completely off when I am not using it because I have this feeling that it has some unknown harmful effect on my body

  • I check the light switch multiple times to make sure it is all the way down in the off position

  • I check the burner switches on the stove multiple times to make sure they are off

  • I cannot get into bed unless I shower first

I decided to share these quirks with you because I want you to realize that these things make me unique. You may be reading this and thinking to yourself wow this kid worries a lot. You’re right. I do worry a lot but I don’t necessarily want to change that about myself. The world needs people who are practically worry-free, people who are full of anxiety, and people who fall in between. The world needs risk-takers but the world also needs cautious people. I used to tear myself apart for worrying so much and having all these little quirks but I am working on trying not to feel like that anymore. I have viewed my quirks as impediments for a very long time but I think that should change. Once I began to view my quirks as characteristics of my personality instead of impediments, they started to lose their sting and their value. I still do these things but they do not bother me as much as they used to. They no longer prevent me from living the life I want to live. I think in 2020 it is time we stop rejecting and hating on ourselves and learn to embrace and love who we are...the good, the bad, and the ugly.

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